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AdMatic™ organizes and monetizes the world’s podcasts

Spend more time on content and less time on tedious tasks. Turn your podcasts’ content into metadata that makes them more discoverable and monetizable with AdMatic.™

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Get Ahead With AdMatic™

Technology that frees up time for you to do what you do best

Making your podcast easy for listeners to find can be hard. Matching with the right programmatic ads can be, too. AdMatic™ makes it all easy.

Maximize Metadata

Upload your audio. Download metadata that helps you to improve your show notes and get your podcasts in front of the largest audience possible.

Don’t leave listening hours on the table by being hard to find. With better meta data and show notes, your podcast gets better placement on podcast platforms.. Our AdMatic™ AI delivers so much more than just a transcript, making your process for things like show notes efficient.

Better Ad Markers = More Money

More effective ad content and placement, auto-magically

Without metadata identifying the right types of programmatic ads for your podcasts, those ads can be, well, meh. Increase LTR and revenue with AdMatic™, which makes your ads more effective.

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Chapter Markers Made Easy

Set up your podcasts for every type of listener

Not everyone is a linear listener. AdMatic™ makes identifying the right places and content for chapter markers simple, giving your listeners the ability to jump around without being a time suck for you.

How AdMatic™ helps

Maximize your podcasts’ possibilities with AdMatic™

Stand out on increasingly cluttered podcast platforms and make your ads as effective as possible with AdMatic’s powerful, AI-driven features.

Your spoken words in black and white

Get a machine-delivered or human-curated transcript of your podcasts within 24 hours, or upgrade for curated transcript and metadata and notes fast.

Match your content with the right ads

No more programmatic ads that don’t make sense! AdMatic™ identifies the ideal ad category for your podcasts, ensuring better ad matches.

Get the right keywords for maximum discoverability

AdMatic™ identifies your podcasts’ most ideal keywords for the episode as a whole and each chapter or segment.

Give listeners the power to navigate your podcast

Identify the best time stamps for chapter markers, and the right copy to get non-linear listeners engaged.

Up your SEO game

Find the top organic search results for your podcasts’ content, including trending social content and images.

Protect yourself from expensive copyright violation fines

AdMatic™ tells you if there’s music detected in your podcast and even delivers the ISRC of any audio detected.

Get discovered on socials

AdMatic™ returns the most likely social handles for your guests, saving time crafting your social posts.

No more clunky programmatic ad placements

Make sure your programmatic ads come in at the right points in your podcasts. AdMatic™ identifies the best placements.

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